Surviving Your Love Hate Relationship with Music

I found my singing voice at a very young age and have always possessed a unwavering love for music. At 9 years old, I distinctly remember my brother taking me to the mall to purchase my first set of cassette tapes.  Yes. I said cassette.

With my hard earned pet sitting money, I began my love affair with Paula Abdul, Tiffany, Debbie Gibson, Whitney Houston and R.E.M. Guilting me in buying R.E.M’s “Document,”  was my brother’s way of opening my mind to something other than pop. Thank you brother, well played.

Music is the magic that inspires me, restores my soul, and connects me with others. Music impacts all our lives in different ways and although it provides so much joy, it can also be a source of frustration and sadness. A song can remind you of a painful memory, a failed or struggling relationship, a missed opportunity or regret.

My relationship with music ebbs and flows. I seem to court it for a few years and than break it off. As an artist, I require the space and breathing room to rediscover my passion.  During each of my three pregnancies and through the first year of my newborn’s life, I kept my distance from music. I would listen to it and enjoy it, but performing and creating, were far from my mind.

Around the 13-15th month of each of my daughter’s lives, my desire to engage deeper with music, would stir up. Like clockwork, I would get the itch to sing, write and reconnect.  I truly believe that when you are born with a gift, you are meant to share it. Whether it’s talent, hospitality, speaking or sheer genius, that gift is an important part of WHO YOU ARE.  

When you don’t use it, YOU LOSE IT!

Music is an avenue to reconnect to your authentic self. When it’s in your bones and a part of the fabric of your being, it will always find a way to exist, no matter how hard you try to suppress it or how lazy you become in your discipline to grow.  

During hard times, you may lean on music more as the floodgates open to expressing your sorrow. When rejection hits, you may curse her name, as she lets you down for the umpteenth time.  When you’re ready to give up the fight, music is there for that too!

As an artist and human, you will evolve.  Many times.

Your desire for pursuing music may change, alter, ebb and flow, but maintaining a healthy relationship with it is imperative to your well being. Take heart and know you are not alone as you embrace the highs and lows of your music journey.

How have you survived the highs and lows of your music journey? What inspires you to stick with it? Let me know by commenting below!


Brianna Ruelas

Brianna Ruelas

Brianna Ruelas is a Dallas Based Performing Artist Consultant, Vocal Coach, Singer-Songwriter and Author to Performing Artist Pathway: Navigate the Highs and Lows On Your Music Journey. As a singer and performer for twenty- five years, Brianna has studied internationally and performed all genres, from jazz to rock to pop, received a BA in Theatre Arts from Pepperdine University, and spent years honing her musical theatre chops. After graduating college, Brianna departed from the theatre to pursue music as a solo artist and also worked as a commercial voiceover actor. Brianna has fronted her own rock band and experienced the reality television craze in its early days, as a Top 100 finalist on American Idol, Season 4.

Brianna's expertise and background as a Singer/Songwriter, Vocal & Performance Coach and Business Owner, affords her the opportunity to mentor and consult with indie performing artists and bands, to help them realize their careers in music.  She is passionate about encouraging others on their journey, and taking them from “stuck” to strategic! Seeking solutions is part of Brianna's DNA, in addition to, maximizing her clients talents and abilities.

Brianna is a proud Wife and Mother, Creator of the Female Performing Artist Connection & Every Mom’s Story Blog and works alongside her husband managing the financial operations and marketing for their Dallas family restaurant, Victor Hugo’s.

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