Three Smart Strategies For The New Year

Tell me if any of this sounds familiar:

You know you need to do SOMETHING, but there are so many options out there, it’s hard to decide what THING can best help you.

You’re mind is moving faster than you can keep up with and opportunities are falling through the cracks.

You’re exhausted as an Independent Performing Artist and there just isn’t enough time in the day to do it all.

When I first wrote my book Performing Artist Pathway, I was excited to share it! Opportunities to connect with music industry professionals and indie artists started rolling in, but my world got hectic in a hurry! I was running around “like a chicken with it’s head cut off.”

I knew this kind of life was NOT sustainable, so I got smart quick and put myself in a position to learn from the best. A life long student and learner of life, I will always look for solutions that help me and others be more effective on the daily.

With this in mind, I’ve put together Three Smart Strategies you can implement today to create positive change in your business this year.

Three Smart Strategies for the New Year!

1. Seek Accountability & Support!

Stop trying to walk all of this alone. Ask yourself, “what do I need help on? Where do I need to grow as an artist?” Whether you need education, a marketing designer, consultant or manager, figure out a way to hire support so you can maximize your artist growth.      

Research shows that we are 65% more likely to actually execute on our goals when we simply tell someone about it and 95% more likely to make it happen when we schedule a meeting with that person. - Thomas Oppong


When you commit to every opportunity that comes your way, it doesn’t always add up to a successful week, month or year.. But what it can lead to is exhaustion, burnout, frustration and depletion of your creative mojo!

You will be much more effective in your career when you are thoughtfully considering every opportunity and discerning whether it’s the best fit for you as an Artist and the direction you’re headed.

3. Have A Plan

How can you truly know which opportunity to accept and take action, when you aren’t clear on WHAT you want to begin with?

Our Goals Can Only Be Reached Through a Vehicle of Plan, in which we must fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act.”
Pablo Picasso 

So To Recap: Three Smart Strategies To Kick Off Your New Year:

  1. Seek Accountability & Support

  2. Slow Down

  3. Have A Plan

Now it’s your turn! What can you take action on today?

Is there a project or opportunity looming that doesn’t exactly excite you? Perhaps it’s time to politely decline, in order to free up your creative space and time to give fully to a project you are ECSTATIC over!

Choose one thing that came to mind after reading this post today and share with me! Comment below and let me know!

My Best,


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Brianna Ruelas | Reality Singing Competition

Brianna Ruelas

Brianna Ruelas is a Dallas Based Performing Artist Consultant, Singer-Songwriter and Author to Performing Artist Pathway: Navigate the Highs and Lows On Your Music Journey. As a singer and performer for twenty- five years, Brianna has studied internationally and performed all genres, from jazz to rock to pop, received a BA in Theatre Arts from Pepperdine University, and spent years honing her musical theatre chops. After graduating college, Brianna departed from the theatre to pursue music as a solo artist and also worked as a commercial voiceover actor. Brianna has fronted her own rock band and experienced the reality television craze in its early days, as a Top 100 finalist on American Idol, Season 4.

Brianna's expertise and background as a Singer/Songwriter, Vocal & Performance Coach and Business Owner, affords her the opportunity to mentor and consult with indie performing artists and bands, to help them realize their careers in music.  She is passionate about encouraging others on their journey, and taking them from “stuck” to strategic! Seeking solutions is part of Brianna's DNA, in addition to, maximizing her clients talents and abilities.

Brianna is a proud Wife and Mother, Creator of the Female Performing Artist Connection & Every Mom’s Story Blog and works alongside her husband managing the financial operations and marketing for their Dallas family restaurant, Victor Hugo’s.

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